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Below are some testimonials from residents and family members that have made The Commons on Marice their home. We invite you to come and visit our community and talk firsthand with current residents and to take a tour!

I've been continually amazed at all the clever and entertaining ideas our life enrichment team has come up with here at The Commons on Marice. Each of you has helped us from going crazy during the Pandemic! It's been so fun to get the daily flyers, sign up for activities and to just be the recipient of the fun things on the cart, as you come down our halls, all week long. Your smiles and loving care are the best gift you have given us through this crazy year.

I've asked myself lately, what if I had stayed in my house and not moved into The Commons, when I did, 4 years ago? I would have been all by myself, during this Pandemic, and afraid to go to the store with the Covid prevalent and wondering how to fill my hours and still stay safe. Thank Heavens I came here! Thank Heavens I have this beautiful home to live in with tons of friends who are residents and staff! Love,

Sylvia W.


When my mom’s dementia got to the point that she could no longer live alone – my sister and I were faced with the daunting challenge of choosing an assisted living facility for her. The weight of choosing the right place and the right people to care for her may be one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made.

Six months later – I am writing to say with incredible gratitude and relief – thank you. Thank you for offering such a beautiful facility filled with so many caring people. Thank you for caring not only for my mom – but also for us as we struggle to handle her new normal.

The Commons has been so good for her – both her body and her spirit! We knew she wasn’t eating as well as she should but she probably put on 10 lbs of healthy weight after arriving and she still raves about the meals offered. She loves all the social activities and all her new friends as well.

You’ve truly become our partners in caring for her , which is an incredible gift. Whether it was regulating her meds, doing an x-ray right in her room after she fell or helping us access outside providers who would deliver services right there in the building – you have been a Godsend.

I can’t thank you enough for helping us make suer that this last chapter of our moms’ life is as rich and meaningful as it can be and that every day we know she is safe and being cared for by skilled, knowledgeable and loving people.

Anyone that might be wondering if The Commons on Marice is right for a parent t or loved one can be confident that they couldn’t make a better choice.

Again – thank you for everything.



In July of 2012 my wife and I spent considerable time visiting Assisted Living facilities in the Twin Cities south metro area to find a place that we felt would be the right fit for my parents.  Several of the facilities were newer, had larger apartments and were even closer to our Lakeville home but none had the “good feel” that we experienced with the Commons.  It seemed that the “Platinum Service Program” was much more than just a marketing document.  We therefore made the decision to move my parents, Bob and Mary from their Florida home to the Commons at the end of August.  Our gut feeling about the Commons turned out to be right!

In the six short months my parents have been at the Commons we and they have been continually overwhelmed with the kindness and support displayed by all members of the staff.  Even before my father’s recent death, Kezia and Jill had visited with my parents many times and went out of their way to show a true caring that touched all of us deeply.

The list of individuals who have been kind goes beyond the Marketing team and is in every department: George, Evan and Mattie from the dining room; Nina, Brianna and Megan from housekeeping; Ali, Stacy and Janice from nursing and of course Steve who seems to be able to fix anything.  I am sure there are many others as well and these are just some of the people who have made my parent’s transition to the Commons so easy and special.

Thank you for having such high standards and for hiring such wonderful people.  Please be sure to let all of the staff know that their kindness and cheerful attitudes are truly appreciated.

Gene & Debbie


On behalf of my family, I want to thank you and the staff at The Commons on Marice for the superior quality care you provided our mother, Dorothy, during her years that she lived there. I can see why The Commons on Marice received the Outstanding Assisted Living Award. The staff provides Platinum Service each and every day. An organization is as good as its leader and you and your leadership team exemplify and demonstrate a professional manner in all you do every day. The ability to be soft makes the leader a leader. The paradox is that, what is soft is strong. You understand your mission and you carry it out seamlessly. You address each issue or problem as an opportunity to help someone. The word “can’t” is not in your vocabulary and I so appreciated that about you.

I would personally like to mention two staff in particular who have been my “rock of support” during this challenging journey for me and my Mother:

Nurse, Stacy Lotton is a true asset and valuable employee for The Commons on Marice. She is one in a million, a warrior, a leader and a healer. She leads by demonstrating and sets the standard of care and compassion For her staff who work in the memory unit. She knows and nourishes those whom she cares for each and every day. She is truly a woman of substance who uses wisdom and caring in her every day actions. She was there for my Mother in her final days and hours in ways I can’t adequately express enough gratitude but it was a beautiful thing to witness.

Chaplain, Renee Kowlessar is invaluable to The Common on Marice. She is a wise and gifted person. She knows how to facilitate another person’s process, does not intrude, but instinctively knows when to offer a tender hand. She helped me understand that death is not frightening, helped me to let go, and understand the nature of the eternal. I know she does this for so many who are fortunate enough to meet her.

In deepest appreciation,



I would like to congratulate you on receiving the “Excellence in Assisted Living” Award, as only under your guidance and watchful eye did The Commons attain this honor.  Thank you for all your effort and for striving to make The Commons the best assisted living facility by hiring a very caring and empathetic staff who really care.

Thank you Mary for inviting and including me with the other residents to this great event.  It was an impressive affair.

As a side note, eight years ago when Jim and I were told that we had to leave our townhouse because of Jim’s health I was not happy, but I kept repeating to myself “there must be a reason,” as I always put my trust in God to guide my life.  And — I found the reason.  I had never, ever dreamed that in my older years I would be so happy, and it is because I live at “The Commons.”



As we mourn the death of our father, we are comforted by the happiness our dad had while living at The Commons these past five years. He loved the malts, happy hour, bingo with his grandchildren, the horse races, hot meals, a clean apartment, friendships with other residents, events and of course, the annual prom.

We loved and were thankful to see the bantering with the staff; always responding to his one-liners, how welcomed you made us feel when we visited, the loving care that was provided by every employee and for each day you made him feel like a king!

With deepest appreciation,

Jeanne & Jeff

Family Members of Past Resident